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About Noah

Meet Our Local Owner

Open Door Vacation Rentals was founded by Noah Schmidt, a born-and-raised Vermonter. Noah and his family have a long history of community-building and forward-thinking here in Ludlow—ranging from work on Okemo Mountain to property management, education and involvement in local government. Noah’s great-grandfather was involved in the building of Okemo Mountain Ski area in 1956 as well as installation of the first Poma Ski lift.

Noah knows and cares about this community on a deep and emotional level, which is exactly why he founded Open Door Vacation Rentals. He wants visitors to experience this place to the fullest, with a rental company that truly gets it.

Growing up here, Noah felt like every property rental company was operating hundreds (if not thousands) of miles away, without genuine connection to the community. He eventually decided it was time to step in to provide the local, modern property rental service this valley deserves.

You’ll catch Noah and his team skiing, biking, hiking, and eating all over the Okemo Valley—quick to give out ideas for adventures, meals, and more. And when you need a hand either leasing your property, or finding a special place to rent, they’ll drop everything to help—like Vermonters always have, and always will.